A dreamer (well everyone of us is), Enthusiastic traveler, nature lover, spiritual. Will add more as and when I get to know more about myself.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. You folks might have chanced on it… but here is something, most folks like and
    I didn’t find it in your fandom baahubali band or telugu songs. Lyrics are the
    best part. It is as good as it gets to suit you folks… Anu, Janaki, Niru & Nidhi garu.
    Damn, that takes the rag off the bush, enjoy, you have a wonderful day!


    1. I don’t understand Telugu but I have mentioned that I liked Hindi lyrics and also that I love listening Baahubali Telugu ones for they sound musical to me. Infact I keep humming Telugu songs of Baahubali and not the hindi ones. I posted them on twitter as well. May be you missed it. But I agree lyrics really add to the beauty of this beautiful journey of Baahubali.
      Thanks 🙂


  2. My bad… might have confused you, rather I should avoid going around in circles. Rest assured, have gone
    through all of your baahubali fandom err fangirl band posts. This song “evaru lerani” kind of resembles those
    posts. No mention of it in any of them, so thought of mentioning it. Lyrics in this song can be more appreciated
    by telugu speaking but music has no boundaries. You all might have already gone through it, in case, check it out.
    You got Mr. Praneel and Mr. Adithya to get the meaning or gist of it anyways. Some of you already
    understand Telugu, so no need for help.

    Evaru lerani lyrics are apt for you *all* fangirls – now that I said it… will crawl under my desk, brace myself
    for the fire works to start!

    You have a great day!


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